East West Engineering Sideways Drum Rotator (handle) (SW-NH)


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The SW-NH Sideways Drum Rotator is designed to lift a 205 litre drum at a sideways direction to the forklift and rotate 360 degrees. Rotation of the drum is controlled through the gear box via a hand wheel, allowing the entire contents of the drum to be tipped.

• Empties a standard 205 litre drums with minimal effort
• Hand wheel is used to rotate the drum, ideal for lowered loads
• Gearbox allows full control of rotation
• Belly strap and eccentric lock secures drum in position
• Slip-on attachment allows quick connection to a narrow carriage forklift
• Can be coupled with the PBO Plastic Barrel Option
• Enamel paint finish


Plastic Barrel Option (PBO): 
By replacing the standard belly strap, the PBO option allows for plastic drums and barrels, as well as standard steel drums to be handled. The dual woven and chain combination belly straps hold the drum or barrel firmly in position.  The PBO option is suitable for a maximum load of 350kg

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