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12 Days of Xmas Savings - Daily Deals

Monday, 9 December 2019 10:49:26 am Australia/Perth

12 Days of Deals and sales on holiday 3M, Petzl, Skylotec, LINQ, IKAR, Spanset, Honeywell, Miller, Ledlenser and more. Check out the top holiday 2019 deals and savings this holiday season starting December 14th until the 26th.

Additional discount applies online only at checkout using this year coupon code "XMAS".

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Posted in Special Offers By HEIGHTECH Safety

Spanset Gotcha Rescue and Evacuation Kits

Wednesday, 4 December 2019 12:55:22 pm Australia/Perth

It's old. But still relevant today.

The Gotcha™ Original was the first pre assembled remote rescue kit. Designed for rescuing a suspended casualty from fall arrest lanyards, rope safety lines and fall arrest blocks, all possible from a point of safety.

Even with all the recent new technology in rescue kit from different manufacturers, the Spanset Gotcha rescue kit is still relevant today.

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Posted in Products By Spanset Australia

2019 Black Friday Sale starts now

Thursday, 28 November 2019 8:26:57 am Australia/Perth

Black Friday 2019 Sale is now on. So if you’re hoping to score a deal on a new Petzl harness or Skylotec Rescue Pro 2 during this week’s shopping events, we have some good news. In fact, we have a wide range of safety brands that will be discounted up to 50% till Friday 6th of December 2019.

Additional discount applies at checkout using this year coupon code "BLACK".

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Posted in Special Offers By Heightech Safety

IKAR Fall Arrest Devices Sharp Edge Testing

Monday, 25 November 2019 10:45:07 am Australia/Perth

IKAR fall arrest blocks are renowned worldwide for their robust design and engineering excellence. The IKAR has been tested & certified for horizontal works, "falls over an edge" and passed the European EN360 amendment. Internal energy absorber designed within the housing, ensuring user protection even when the webbing is fully extended.

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Posted in Products By Heightech Safety

Do You Know Where Your Edges Are?

Monday, 25 November 2019 9:53:57 am Australia/Perth

In work sites of every variety, edges are much more common than people realize – and they may pose a greater risk than you’d expect. Whether you’re laying roofing, traversing a beam, or simply working near the unprotected sides of an upper floor, falls over an edge are more hazardous than other falls. Without protection designed for edges, traditional lifelines risk being severed and the force upon the worker in the event of a fall is significantly increased. Honeywell estimates that as many as 80% of fall-protection users have applications in which a lifeline will come in contact with an edge in the event of a fall.

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Posted in Safety News Products By Honeywell Miller

Bushfire Respiratory Protection by 3M

Thursday, 21 November 2019 11:10:05 am Australia/Perth

Bushfires Bushfires are part of life in Australia. These fires can produce vast amounts of smoke, off-gases and ash and there is a need to consider the most appropriate ways of providing respiratory protection for those exposed to these contaminants.

Fire decomposes or breaks down materials. The composition of these breakdown products will vary depending on:

  • The composition of the burning materials - this can be from many sources
  • The ventilation conditions - poor ventilation reduces the available oxygen and changes the makeup of the decomposition products.
  • The temperature of the fire.
  • Burning produces particles as well as gases and vapours. The gases can often include irritant gases like hydrogen chloride and acrolein.

Smoke is defined in AS/NZS1715:1994 as "particles of low vapour pressure suspended in the air. Smoke is made from the solid and liquid products of combustion. Smoke particles settle slowly under gravity. Normally, the combustion process that produces smoke also produces gases".

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Posted in Safety News Products By 3M Australia

CE Markings on PPE

Wednesday, 20 November 2019 3:02:05 pm Australia/Perth

Is the CE marking mandatory? In Europe, all products covered by a European regulatory text (a regulation or directive) must bear the CE (European Conformity) marking. For personal protective equipment, EU regulation 2016/425 (formerly the 89/686/EC directive) regulates the manufacture and marketing of fall protection PPE.

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Posted in Safety News By Heightech Safety

Skylotec Sirius Descender

Friday, 8 November 2019 1:22:21 pm Australia/Perth

The Skylotec Sirius Descender packs the advantages of the best descenders for industrial and rescue applications into an extremely compact design - for better handling and long service life.

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Posted in Products By Skylotec Australia

Discover the new EX & iL lights from Ledlenser

Friday, 8 November 2019 12:24:33 pm Australia/Perth

With us, the jobs are safe. At least when it comes to the light.

Anyone who works in potentially explosive environments must pay attention to safety when working with electronic devices.

The lights of the new Ledlenser EX and iL series fulfil both Ex and IECEx standards in every respect. Specially designed for contact with explosive gases, vapours and dust in the best possible IIC and IIIC groups.

They are both optimally impervious to dust and water and are certified in accordance with the Ex & IECEx directives.

The two series are thereby organised for different situations of explosion hazards. The EX series is suitable for use in working areas of Zone 0/20 & Zone 1/21 (rechargeable EX models only) and the iL series for use in working areas of Zone 2/22.

Discover the new EX & iL lights from Ledlenser.

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Posted in Products By Heightech Safety

3M Ultimate FX Full Facepiece Reusable Respirator FF-400 available in Australia

Monday, 28 October 2019 9:16:45 am Australia/Perth

The ultimate choice in comfortable, durable protection.

The 3M™ Ultimate FX Full Facepiece Respirator FF-400 For the work you do, comfort and durability are everything. With a soft feel to the face, comfortable head cradle, plus reduced heat and moisture buildup, 3M's Ultimate FX Full Facepiece Respirator delivers premium comfort that lasts as long as you do. And it's the only respirator with 3M's unique Scotchgard™ Paint and Stain Protector, which helps keep the lens dirt-, paint- and stain-resistant - not to mention so much easier to clean.

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Posted in Products By 3M Australia
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