1. Take frequent breaks from repetitive activities and stretch your hands and fingers.
  2. Use padded grips on vibrating machinery handles.
  3. Wear appropriate gloves for the job or exposure. Don’t wear loose fitting gloves when working near rotating machinery.
  4. Remove rings and wrist jewellery when working around machinery and other construction works.
  5. Beware of pinch points and tools with rotating parts such as hand drills and grinders, and wherever fingers and hands could be crushed.
  6. Make sure all safety guards are in place when using power tools and machinery.
  7. Make sure proper lockout-tagout is followed with machinery de-energised at the power source before attempting any repairs or adjustments.
  8. Always use knives and cutters with care.
  9. Help prevent infection by immediately and thoroughly cleaning cuts and abrasions to your hands, then ensure all incidents are reported.
  10. Seek medical attention immediately for severe cuts or puncture wounds to the hand. Have your tetanus shot updated every ten years or sooner.