Skylotec Sirius (A-050) – Descender

This month sees the launch of the new Skylotec Sirius. This is primarily a descender but it also has features which makes it useful in other applications. This compact, long lasting device is a real contender to give the Petzl ID a run for its money. Not only is it smaller, so it fits perfectly in your hand, but it’s lighter, which is remarkable considering it’s made completely of metal. The side plate is opened by using an ergonomic button. The rope insertion is very intuitive. In fact, you have to try very hard to insert the rope incorrectly. Unlike other descenders, the route of the rope through the device prevents rope twisting and kinking. Just in case you forget to close the side plate, it snaps shut once the rope is put under tension.


The Skylotec Sirius has an auto-locking handle, which removes the need to manually lock the device. It also has an anti-panic function and a hole to facilitate remote operation. The handle safety latch prevents inadvertent handle operation.

Skylotec Sirius A-050 descender  Skylotec Sirius A-050 descender back


  • Anti-panic
  • Auto-locking
  • Handle safety latch prevents inadvertent unlocking of the handle
  • Rope installation icons
  • Incorrect rope installation is partially prevented by the shape of the cam
  • Hole in the handle to facilitate remote operation


  • Descent and positioning
  • Rope ascent
  • Lowering from an anchor
  • Hauling and progress capture
  • Rescue
  • Parallel descenders descent

Skylotec Sirius A-050 descender

Maximum descent rate

  • 2 m/s

Rope capacity

  • Low Stretch ropes (EN 1891 type A) with diameter 10 mm ≤ ΓΈ ≤ 12 mm


  • minimum: 30 kg
  • Single-person use: 140 kg
  • Rated load: 250 kg


  • EN 12841:2006 Type C
  • EN 341:2011 Class A (Rescue)
  • ANSI/ASSE Z359.4-2013

Skylotec Sirius A-050 descender Skylotec Sirius A-050 descender


  • 510 g


  • The lifetime of the Skyotec Sirius is theoretically unlimited.


  • 3 years